Scientists & Inventors - 30 Posters Preview - See Sample Posters Here

Preview - See Sample Posters Here

Who is included in this Scientists & Inventors set?

  1. Ada Byron Lovelace
  2. Alan Turing
  3. Albert Einstein
  4. Alexander Graham Bell
  5. Betty Holberton
  6. Bill Gates
  7. Charles Darwin
  8. Copernicus
  9. Ellen Ochoa
  10. France Cordova
  11. Galileo
  12. Garret Morgan
  13. George Washington Carver
  14. Henry Ford
  15. Isaac Newton
  16. Jim Henson
  17. John Glenn
  18. Jose M Hernandez
  19. Louis Pasteur
  20. Luis Walter Alvarez
  21. Margaret Hamilton
  22. Marie Curie
  23. Mario Molina
  24. Neil Armstrong
  25. Nikola Tesla
  26. Salva Dut
  27. Samuel Morse
  28. Stephen Hawking
  29. Thomas Edison
  30. Wright Brothers

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Preview - See Sample Posters Here

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