What if you had brilliant, educational activities featuring important people who made a difference... in just 5 minutes?

How would it feel?

Here at FunClassroomIdeas that's what we're all about.

Here you'll find... 

  • Done-for-you collections of practical tools you can use again & again

  • Immediate solutions that you can use right now

  • Unique & updated twists on classic, proven & timeless favorites

  • Convenient, ready-to-use activities

  • Modern & cool designs to get them engaged

  • Quick-wins that are EASY for you & FUN for them

With these resource you can...

  • Quickly entertain a even large groups

  • Have a plan of action for keeping them busy

  • Stop feeling stressed or guilty when need to keep them busy

  • Feel confident the group will enjoy the activity

  • Have more time to spend on the things you actually want to do

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Available Products

Olympians - 27 Posters

Colorful decorations for your classroom & bulletin boards. Kids can "study" them in the classroom when there's free time. 27 posters featuring famous Olympians past & present - print & use right away.

Olympians - 50 BINGO Cards

50 unique BINGO cards featuring 27 famous & important Olympians. Perfect for home & school, Summer & Winter Olympics, Special Olympics, Paralympics & more. All instructions & calling cards included. Print & play right away.

Olympians - 27 Word Search Puzzles

Word Search featuring 27 famous & important Olympians with 20 relevant words & phrases each.

Olympians - 27 Biography Worksheets

Great for developing critical thinking at home or in the classroom. Focus on character traits encouraging deeper discussions, making historical figures more memorable & relatable.

Olympians - 27 Coloring Handouts

27 detailed coloring pages - perfect for keeping kids busy when they have free-time in your home or classroom. Print & use right away.

Olympians - 27 Flash Cards / Memory Game

Flash cards with 27 important Olympians - past & present. Perfect for substitute teachers, rainy days, game day & more. Print & play right away.

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